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Welcome to Our Grove!

This is the first of hopefully many posts about the creation of our family home in the coastal town of Ocean Grove, Victoria, Australia.

We are a young(ish) family. Young at heart at least! I’m Jane, my husband is Lachie and our son’s name is Finlay but he’s known as Captain Awesome. He is, however, approaching two so he doesn’t always live up to his title! The boundaries are being firmly tested so to speak. A very cute rascal.

2012-841We made a seachange  a few years ago to work in Geelong and have been renting in Ocean Grove, enjoying the small town, beach life.  Luckily, Captain Awesome is a water baby and we love it here. So now it’s time to put down some roots –  or a slab to be more precise!

I trained as an architect and would so dearly love to build a wonderful glass box with views of the ocean but as many young families on a  reduced income find, this isn’t the reality. Who would want to clean all that glass with a toddler anyway?!

So we’re going to build an off-the-plan home in an established estate up behind old Ocean Grove. It’s a great location, particularly for young families with lots of amenities nearby and the space these homes afford will suit us for the years ahead with a little one running around.

House LocationThis is an interesting process for me as I’m finding it hard to relinquish control and to be ‘the client.’ It is also a very different process to the custom homes I normally design and work on. I find my hand twitching, keen to red pen the plans, move things around and basically make it customised and of course, more expensive!

However, I think we’ve chosen a great base (more about our house plan in future blogs) and I’m looking forward to the challenge of making our off-the-plan home more bespoke, but in a budget friendly way! Lachie is going to be keeping a keen eye on me, he knows how I can dream!

So this blog is an outlet for me to:

  • document our building process
  • share our first-hand and newly found knowledge of the volume building experience!
  • dream about the interiors of each room and share their realisation one day soon!
  • chat with people about their experiences
  • get my hands dirty  with some budget friendly DIY home decorating! I am desperate to use an upholstery gun!

It will let people know of our successes and failures along the way. The latter will be unavoidable I’m afraid.

Currently we’re waiting for the land to title in April and then we’ll be building fairly soon after. In the meantime I thought I would introduce you to us and our neck of the woods with a few of my favourite photos of

…..Our Grove.

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